Saturday, October 25, 2008

An inch away

I would like to congratulate the Bedford Varsity football team on their incredible season. They were an inch away from a playoff spot, at least in the officials' eyes. Those of us who were sitting in the stands know that they were in the endzone on each of the last two plays in regulation and should have had the win. However, that's not how it turned out,. While we are disappointed in the outcome, there is no way that we are disappointed in our boys OR our coaches.

It has been exciting to be a part of Bedford football this year. All three teams at the high school level had winning seasons. Coach Wood has brought much needed discipline to the program without being hard-nosed about it; most of the parents and the boys have great respect and admiration for him and his coaching staff. I had chills each time the varsity team sang the fight song after home victories, and they did that often. What a wonderful tradition to start. And I literally teared up on Thursday when the FRESHMEN lined up and sang to us after their win (as did the JV!).

I was privileged to spend a good part of the past 9 Friday afternoons with the Varsity boys when we gave them their pre-game meal. This is an outstanding group of kids--polite, smart, funny, and truly supportive of one another. I saw absolutely NO finger pointing the few times that things didn't go right. I saw boys turn into men as they accepted responsibility for whatever went wrong (even if it was beyond their control!), and spread the praise for what went right--no glory-hogging.

While we wish we could have a Halloween game, this season has been quite a treat! Good job guys.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Boehm i love you :)

Logan Rimmer

Phyllis said...

Aw. Thanks Logan. I look forward to watching you and Matt and the rest of my boys over the next few years. Mules football rocks!