Sunday, October 12, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This week marked the annual homecoming celebration for Bedford. With 2 boys in the high school, it was pretty crazy at my house. Wednesday night was Big Ball, then the Football moms helped to resurrect the traditional homecoming bonfire. If you haven't seen a big ball game, it is a pseudo-powder puff activity, but instead of football, the junior and senior girls move rather large medicine balls up and down the field. Of course, the boys show their class spirit, as pictured here:

On Thursday, we traveled up to Ypsilanti Lincoln to watch the Freshmen and JV games. Both teams won--the freshmen by a score of 36-21, and the JV by a score of 69-6 (trust me, it could have been MUCH worse!).

Friday brought the varsity game. The lovely and absolutely delightful Ashley was crowned this year's queen. I have known her since she was very young since her brother TJ and Craig played youth ball together. I am very happy for her. TJ also had a big night on Friday, helping to lead the Mules on to a 37-6 victory. Lots of incredible talent on that field--many big play makers including Nate, Joe, Shane, and Tyler. Way to go boys--one more and it's a winning season.

Saturday was the dance. Craig went with his friend Megan (whose brother is one of Matt's best friends!) This group is pictured below, as are just my boys plus the big bunch that went. All in all, I'd say that this year's homecoming was a smashing success.

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