Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sorry Mom

It has been a crazy week. In chaos, I missed blogging about my mom's birthday, which was on Friday. She is the same age as my dad. I guess technically she's a senior citizen, although she hasn't yet acknowledged that fact. Most of the time that's amusing, but on Wednesday, it ended with an overnight visit to the emergency room. I'll spare the details, but in a nutshell, she fell and broke her arm. The boys are looking forward to signing her cast.

She's been amazing. Oh sure, she still goes out of her way to embarrass all of us. That's ok--that's in the Mom's Handbook, so I understand. All of the neighborhood kids and my sons' friends call here Grandma Joan. She was active at the boys' elementary school throughout their years, as well as when my niece attended. Every year, there was a VIP day for parents or grandparents. One little boy in Matt's class was unable to have family members attend, so my mom always went as his VIP so that he could share all of what he had done with someone who cared. My mom has also lent the school several pieces from her rather extensive holiday collections (Hallowe'en and Christmas) for display in the lobby.

Mom rarely fails to attend one of the boys games. I've told her that she doesn't need to make the long trip up to places like Dexter or Chelsea, but she still likes to make the trip (another example of her refusing to grow old even as the calendar moves).

My young Logan is very attached to his GiGi. She takes care of him three days a week. I'm sure that she'll make it to all of his VIP days and sporting functions as well.

So Mom, Happy Belated Birthday.

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