Sunday, September 14, 2008


Earlier this year, I read an article about the hazards of a dying bee population. Well, I can tell the beekeepers of the world where all the bees have gone...they are residing in my attic. Um, that is, they were residing in my attic until I waged chemical warfare earlier this afternoon. I swear, there were several MILLION (well, ok, seriously, several hundred) swarming around the window, and at least a hundred more dead on the floor from the stifling heat of the attic. Apparently there is a nest under the eaves, and they are coming in through the vents. What makes it worse is the fact that I have two kids who have very nasty allergic reactions to bee stings--not life threatening thus far, but enough that we've made trips to the emergency room because the localized swelling is so bad. I understand the role bees playing in making my gardens look lovely and can tolerate bees in that environment. I refuse, however, to share my overall living space with them. Yuck.

I'm also starting to see spiders...big, hairy spiders. I whacked one that was crawling on the ceiling in my family room the other day. I was pretty sure that I had put it out of its misery, but all I managed to do was to knock it into the crevice in my couch. The vacuum cleaner eventually swallowed it. Yuck again.

Well, I suppose I could have the birds in the attic or the field mice in the family room or the groundhogs under deck as I've had in the past. Regardless, I'll going out to restock my creepy crawly removal arsenal.

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