Monday, June 30, 2008

No rest for the weary

I was on vacation last week. I did a good job of not "working". I only sat through one conference call and checked my work email twice a day. It helped that people at work knew that I needed to take a break. Two days out of town all by my lonesome--I got through a couple of novels (this was part of my new year's resolution of setting aside some self-indulgence time, and I finally got around to meeting my goal, six months in!).

The rest of the week, I played Mom's Taxi service. With Craig in Boston, my schedule should have been light. Ha. Matt had 9 baseball games, basketball camp, and football workouts (I missed 2 baseball games) plus several incidental travel needs. Several of the games were up in Canton, Michigan, where we spent almost as much time dodging raindrops as we did watching the games. We drove up Friday for 2 games, then had to be back up there by 8 on Saturday morning. Early bedtime was beckoning on Friday night.

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men... The call came at about 8:45 pm--the bus bringing the gang (Craig) back from Boston broke down in Fremont. They weren't going to be getting a new bus there any time soon, and there were kids from Novi and Jackson who needed to get a little closer to home. So off I went at sunset to shuttle folks back to Toledo. I finally got home as the 11:00 news came on and still had my early wake-up time.

Now I'm back to the grindstone, looking forward to my nice short work week. Maybe I'll get a chance to do some of the yard work I never got around to last week -- or catch up on my sleep. Somehow, I think not. sigh.

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