Monday, July 14, 2008

Time flies...

Two weeks since my last blog? Seriously? Time flies when you're having fun--well, actually, time flies. Period. We are in the final week of baseball. The season went quickly. It was a fun year. Summer basketball is winding down and football is gearing up. While prognosticators on MLive see no chance for the Mules this year, those of us who have watched this year's varsity players over the years see all kinds of positive possibilities, and the freshmen should do just fine as well (and JV, although I don't have anyone on that team).

My class reunion is coming up in less than a month. Talk about time flying! Too much work to do on wrapping up the details on this shindig! Not to mention the fact that it's been 30 years(!) since we graduated. It's funny, though, how when my classmates and I look at each other, we still see the same person we saw back in the 70's (just as foggy now, although for different reasons ).

Craig asked me the other day what it felt like to be almost 50. I had to point out that I still had over a year and a half to reach that point and he'd be better off asking his uncle, who will be 50 in September. Overall, though, it's just a number. I'm still 24--just twice over. My body has become a shape shifter and my hormones have taken a different direction, but I'm still active (although comfort has replaced fashion!). I like to think I'm wiser in addition to being older, just as long as my friends still think I'm crazy after all these years.

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