Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I could have danced all night

More like I could have watched dancing all night. I like reality shows. Really, I do. But it's easier to read about the results the next day than to actually watch them, so that's usually what I do. Except this season. I made the mistake(?) of turning on Dancing with the Stars last week when there was nothing else on, and I am TOTALLY hooked. Aside from the two low-men on the totem pole, even the more mediocre stars can do a whole lot better than I could! To quote Steve Guttenberg, "WOW!"

Penn Gillette and Monica Seles are done. Since they had to vote off one from each gender, the decision was the right one, although I'd rather have seen Adam Carolla and Penn go this week and Monica inevitably leave next week. Monica just wasn't as graceful as the others. In another season, she might have lasted longer, but the women this year are amazing. Penn has two rather large left feet, and he named his kid Moxie Crimefighter. That has nothing to do with dancing, but the dude just isn't right. Here's how I see the rest (as they say, in no particular order although more from the bottom to the top):

Adam Carolla: Can't dance. Not particularly funny and although paired with two time defending champ Julianne, is likely to be the next out the door.

Marissa Jaret Winokur: bubbly. makes you want to vote for her, but likely to drive me crazy soon. Just not up to snuff with the other performers (LOVE her partner Tony--that's who I'd want since Maks isn't on this season). Most people have never heard of her though, so that doesn't bode well.

Christian de Fuentes: (probably butchered that name). Very cute. A decent dancer paired with Cheryl Burke. I almost cried with him when he was called safe. Hopefully will last awhile, but not likely to have a large enough fan base in the US to go the distance.

Steve Guttenberg: My sentimental favorite. He's about my age (he's a little older) and he is SOOOO darn cute! OK dancer. Doubt he'll be long for the competition though.

Shannon Elizabeth: Boys in their teens and 20's appreciate her. Something tells me they aren't voting. She's cute and she's pretty good. Others are better.

Priscilla Presley: She'll get the over 50 vote, but they can't dial the phones as fast as the young'uns, and texting is probably not an option. I hope when I hit her age, though, I can still move the way she does! Top 5 pick.

Mario: This kid can move. So far, the dances have been up-tempo (and looks like next week will be as well). Going to be in trouble once votes move from those lower--I'm not seeing him picking up as many as the others.

Kristi Yamaguchi: Wow, wow, wow. Her skating and artistic background shows. She is by far and away the best dancer. I don't think she's going to win though. She's almost too good and that's going to scare off some votes.

Jason Taylor: This guy is 6'6" and moves like a dream. Awesome. I'm torn--but I see him in the finals.

Marlee Matlin: Absolutely incredible. She has hit the steps more in tune with the music than anyone else. Graceful. I think she wins.

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