Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting started!

My friend Cheryl has convinced me that I need to start my own blog. I've been a bit of a blog-hog in the comments area of the wonderful women who blog as Befrazzled and Blonde Highlights, so it's time to put myself out there. When I figure out all the mechanics, I'll link you into their very funny ponderings--Cheryl's as well.

I'm going to be spending much of my time with the joys of motherhood since my life revolves around my teenage boys (and the 25 year old who is planning his wedding with the lovely Brooke). Since the boys are heavily into sporting activities, you'll see quite a bit about the exploits of the mighty Kicking Mules of Bedford High School, and since I'm a proud CMU alumna (see, I even learned gender-specific latin terms up there!), I'll be bringing in some ew-wah, Chippewa fun as well.

The middle age part, well, that's where I am. It brings its own set of challenges. In fact, I'm off momentarily to help plan my 30 year high school reunion. 30 years? You have to be kidding--that would make my graduating class old enough to be grandparents for crying out loud! OK, so we are--but we're also still baby boomers who know how to have fun.

Tomorrow, I'll catch y'all up on a week without the boys, who are enjoying the beach down in Florida.


Cheryl Engfer said...

I'm impressed, and to think the boys are vacationing and you didn't need their help--very impressive.

Please tell Craig and Matty to bring the sunshine home :)

Phyllis said...

note, no pictures yet. that's my last big hurdle. Of course my photographic skills aren't always what they should be so maybe I'll skip that anyway!
Otherwise, the rest of it was surprisingly simple.

Cheryl Engfer said...

Unless they are family pictures, I cheat and use google images LOL

Phyllis said...

um. yes. still have to figure out how to make that happen though. I have a vacation day on Friday, so I'll play with it more then.

Thanks for adding me to your links!

Cheryl Engfer said...

I have a couple conference calls on Friday and a hair appointment I think at 2--need to confirm that, otherwise, call me I can help.

You're welcome---let me know if you need help adding me to yours ;)