Friday, March 21, 2008

Bringing out the tomboy in me

Today is a day of indulgence for me. I initially took the day off because it's Good Friday. Then I discovered my church wasn't having services this afternoon. So I spent the morning pampering the girl in me. I had a wonderful massage, courtesy of Mary over at HMH Wellness in Sylvania. I don't do that often enough--but then again, daily wouldn't be often enough! Then I did a little retail therapy. I'm not much of a mall rat--I prefer to shop online. But sometimes, things don't fit right and I find it easier to return them to real stores rather than via couriers. So I hit Coldwater Creek to return a dress. REALLY bad timing--they were having a 60% off sale, and I ended up spending my store credit x3, but I got some really great stuff. Hit the grocery store so the boys would have something to eat on Easter besides grilled cheese sandwiches. Now, it's time to bring out the tomboy in me!

I grew up in a neighborhood in Detroit (in the city itself!) that was mostly boys. There were 2 girls on my street that were my age, and one of them wasn't allowed to play with me because I was a bad influence (forget the fact that I was a straight-A student and was too afraid of doing anything that would really get me into trouble). So I hung out with Lori and the boys. I learned to love sports--I keep a mean baseball scorebook and can throw a football like a boy. But my favorite was always basketball. I played for the Mule team during the '75 (JV), '76, and '77 seasons. We were good. My junior year, I saw more bench than floor because I played behind Terri Blok. Terri still has the single game scoring record (42 against Ann Arbor Pioneer, who scored 41). Especially impressive since this was way before the 3 point line came into being. I was a really good defensive player since I spent most of practice being Terri's foil. It came in handy the one time I had to guard one of Stan Joplin's sisters.

But I digress. It is Day 2.5 (if you count the play-in game) of the NCAA Men's Basketball finals. I am obsessed. If I were a betting person (deep clearing of the throat), I probably would have turned in 4 brackets in the office pool, which is also a fundraiser. I probably got 15 out of 16 games right on one of those brackets yesterday (woohoo). What happened to USC??? And if Duke and Wisconsin keep it up, I could go gray prematurely (well, maybe not so prematurely). So I'm going to sit this afternoon and soak in the hoops action.

I am also going to be keeping an eye on the NCAA D-1 WRESTLING championships. My beloved CMU Chippewas qualified 9 out of 10 wrestlers, all of whom remained in the championship bracket after the first round. I am a Bedford girl, so while my personal sport of choice is the hoops, I totally appreciate what it takes to be a first-rate wrestler. My Chips were ranked #2 in the nation going into this tournament, behind Iowa and ahead of Iowa State. That's the position they were holding after the first round yesterday as well. They are the only non-Big 10/non-Big 12 team ranked in the top 13. FIRE UP CHIPS!! EW-WAH; CHIPP-EWA; FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!


Anonymous said...

The obsession at Chez German is Tigers baseball. Remind me to show you a recording of Ben pitching a baseball on national ESPN at the Tigers vs Nationals spring training game last week. Tyler was devestated because (yet again) it was Ben and not him. We told him that that ESPN felt sorry for Ben because Tyler has a better arm, and he perked right up.

We've been known to spend entire summers indoors, watching Tigers games on tv. Major losers...we freely admit it.

Phyllis said...

For me, the Tigers aren't an obsession, they are a way of life. NCAA's only last 2 weeks. Baseball is my life in the summer (between Matt, Craig, the Tigers, and the Cubs). But I'll address that on opening day.

If I were to have a bracket that had 15 out of 16 from yesterday's games, I've probably lost another one with Gonzaga being knocked out today. Ouch. Funny, I'll bet that bracket had Western Kentucky over Drake though. Yahoo.

My Chips were tied for 4th going into the quarters. All nine wrestlers still going in the tourney (or at least they were a couple of hours ago). 4 still in the champ round; the rest in consolation. Hail to the Chippewas!

Hey Mich--you know Stan got canned earlier this week, right?

Anonymous said...

Yep, it was overdue. They're putting a lot of money into the renovated facility, and the expectation is that they need to do something to fill it. Stan was never very good at that. It has been very difficult to "connect" to the type of recruits that he pulls in. In the past, and at other schools, the players become part of the community, establish homes, etc. This has not happened in many years.

Phyllis said...

As the old adage says, "the only thing constant is change." Sometimes it's for the best.

I'm guessing if I'd have turned in brackets, they wouldn't have fared so well yesterday. The best I'd probably have done was 25 out of 32, but that bracket is set up poorly moving forward since most of the 7 loss were in the Midwest (plus UConn). Oh well.

At least my Chips are doing well. No national title--Iowa has that wrapped up. CMU is currently sitting in 4th, with one wrestler in the finals. Two others (twins) going for third, and another who has placed. Not so bad a mid-major! Fire up Chips!