Saturday, March 29, 2008

All About Matt

March 29, 1994 was an important day. It was the day we met Matthew. All 7 lbs 15 oz, 21 inches of him joined us at 5:55 pm. He'll tell you it was 5:55:55, but I don't think they were quite that precise in the delivery room that day. Labor was easy--a whole hour and half from my first contraction. (I was induced, so I was in the hospital all day--no rushed runs to the hospital like my parents had with me). He made it home in time for Easter, and at 3 days old he helped his older brothers color the eggs. They've all outgrown that now. I miss it.

I've learned that there is a pattern to the delivery thing. Easy delivery means difficult toddlerhood and easy teen years; rougher delivery = easy toddlerhood and snarky teen years. At least that holds in my household. Matt had it rough as a toddler--he has two older brothers and he also tends to be more emotional than the others. Life was dramatic. As a teen, he is very easy going. He's grown a thick skin and can roll with the punches.

His life, from his perspective, is all about sports. This spring/summer, he will be playing baseball, running track, playing in the Steve Mix basketball league, and then ramping up for freshman football in early August. A couple of years ago, he played in Cooperstown (see picture). Quite an experience. In one game, he had the other team's signals deciphered by the 2nd inning. Their 3rd base coach was cracking up--he and Matt got to be buddies by the end of the week.

He's also smart. Scary smart. In a couple of weeks, he'll be representing BJHS at the County Middle School Quiz Bowl. His brother's team was the county champ 2 years ago--he has big shoes to fill. He's being recruited by schools like Cranbrook. He is participating in some ventures through Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search--they came looking for him based on his MEAP scores. They had him take the ACT. As an 8th grader. He went in without even looking at a practice test and scored a 21. He hasn't even had half the subject matter yet. (His friend Nolan also took the test and scored a bit higher--these 2 have been challenging each other for years). I wish I could say he had a 4.0. I can't. If he turned in his Algebra homework more than occasionally, he would.

Did I mention he's tall as well? At 14, my other boys were just hitting my height (5'6"). This picture was taken after a choir concert (oh, he also sings) last December. He's actually taller now--over 6', maybe 6'1". Size 13 feet and he's not done growing. Ugh.

Happy BIrthday Matt! Hope I didn't embarrass you too much. Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side, Matt. She's old...she'll have Alzheimer's before you know it.

Rebecca Regnier said...

Plus the kid's just a nice guy! Good job mom.

Phyllis said...

BBT: Matt coined it "old-timers" when he was 2 and couldn't pronounce it quickly. I already qualify on that one.

And thanks Rebecca. He's pretty much done that on his own. Pretty low maintenance now that he's older than 5.

Robin said...

Awwwww. Um...also...can I just go with hellish childbirth = easy everything else? Please?

Phyllis said...

Sure. It should work. Maybe. If not, the threat of boarding school or military school, or even reform school generally keeps them in line. I used the latter with this one and it's worked. So far.

Cheryl Engfer said...

Matt is a great kid!

If it wasn't for our boys and baseball I would've never met you. Thank God for baseball :)

Happy Birthday Matty

Phyllis said...

Welcome back Cheryl! Missed ya! I'm on the road today as well (albany, ny)--home tonight. Next post is going to be about baseball.

Cheryl Engfer said...

I missed you all too :)

Life is really crazy with Mark outta town. He was supposed to be home this week and to think they asked him to come back for another week.

Be safe comin home