Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Change of Season

I'm not sure if the snow is done for the season, but it's nice to see the signs of spring starting to creep in. I'll be glad for the extra hour of daylight after today as well. I don't mind winter, really, but there is something special about spring--it always seems to bring a new burst of energy and I am SO ready for that. Maybe I should go gather up my outside Christmas decorations and get them put away now that they are unburied from beneath the snow (and it's warm enough to go out to get them!).

Matt's basketball season ended on Thursday. The varsity boys still have at least one district game. I'd like to see them win that..Mark German will look so nice in a beard. It gives me a chance to watch the seniors one more time...they are a great bunch of kids and I will really miss them next year. Baseball tryouts start on Monday, at least for the freshmen. I get a break for a month (keeping my fingers crossed that Matt makes the team), but Matt doesn't.

Second trimester also ended. Both boys did well again this worst they each got a 3.8. Matt still has an outside shot of keeping his 4.0 depending on how he did on his geometry final. Craig has a big week ahead of him...MME's (and the ACT) loom on Tuesday. I know he'll do well as long as he stays focused. While I wasn't too thrilled when he got really sick during exams this week, I'm just glad he's gotten it through his system before this week's major milestones.

Maybe the change of season will signal other changes along the way. Here's hoping the sunshine brings a bit more enthusiasm to the economy and all other ills that we seem to be encountering.

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