Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brainiacs and Jewels

Today was the MCISD Middle School Quiz bowl, which brings the brains from the various middle/junior high schools together to match wits. Big doings for Bedford, which is the 2x 8th grade champ (and has also made it to the championship round with the 7th graders the past 2 years). This is only the 3rd year of the contest, so pretty good stats! Not much pressure on the kids!

The 7th graders flew through their competition. No close matches, and they emerged victorious.

.The 8th graders had my heart pounding a bit. They won their first match handily, then proceeded to get trounced in the next match. Now something was a bit off on the questions in this round--it was against a Catholic school, and they kept getting asked things like "what is the nationality of the group that guards the Pope?" or "what nationality is the current Pope?" Our kids didn't have a prayer (so to speak). After lunch (look at these boys--they were staving!), they won their next round (against the team that had won as 7th graders). That put our boys in the finals AGAINST THE TEAM THAT HAD BEATEN THEM. In order to survive, they had to beat the St. Charles team TWICE. Round 1 was a squeaker--I sat in the lobby because my stomach was in knots. BJHS by 5 points. On to the rubber game of the match. Another close one, but it was a Bedford sweep. Good for the balance in my house since the 16 year old was on the winning team 2 years ago!
As for the jewels, well that's for me tonight. I'm off to what others in my household consider "cult" parties--a girls's night out. Sometimes it's for food products, sometimes for candles. Tonight it's about the bling. I have my eye on a stunning necklace.... (Really, I think it's a good excuse for a cocktail party, and I'm sure we'll be using some of the food from the last get together.)
Congrats to the Bedford Junior High Quiz Bowl teams for bringing it home! And remember, diamonds are a girls best friend!


Anonymous said...

Funny thing, I had to apologize profusely to people for hawking jewelry -- I should just have the cocktails minus the checkbooks in the future. It was a good excuse for me to actually put the computer away for the night, and I ended up getting LOADS of free stuff...more than I had guessed.

You're going to look gorgeous in that necklace -- I can't wait to see it in person!

Phyllis said...

I thought I got some good deals--some funky stuff (a toe ring, 2 ankle bracelets..) I also can't wait to see the necklace live.

I didn't hear anyone complaining about getting out their checkbooks! The jewelry may have actually taken away from the cocktails. Matt asked me this morning how my "middle-aged ladies getting drunk" party went. LOL. Smart boy.