Monday, February 9, 2009

Things I Meant to Blog About, and Things I Shouldn't Blog About

Several things happened last week that I meant to blog about, but I just never got around to it.
  1. The Freshman Boys' basketball team finally got their first victory of the season! Hurray! Matt had a double double (10 points, 11 rebounds). Thomas and Tyler also had double doubles, and Brendan played some excellent ball as well.
  2. Andrew is back on the job market with the demise of Circuit City. If not for bad luck, he wouldn't have any at all, but he's a trouper.
  3. The boys on the football team once again showed that they understand the meaning of family as they stood by their friend Nate as he mourned the loss of his grandparents one week apart from each other. My deepest sympathies to Nate and his mom Cheryl and their family members on the loss of her parents.
  4. Craig can write great poetry. He'll kill me for that, but some of the off-the-cuff things he wrote were phenomenal.
  5. BD's Mongolian Grill is addictive.
  6. I watched shows about Jesus and about the shroud of Turin on the Discovery Channel and History Channel to change the karma in my house and to offset the blue cloud coming from my basement during the second half of the Super Bowl. Thank goodness the Steelers pulled it off in the end--all is at peace once again.

As far as things I SHOULDN'T blog about... that would be the conversation I walked in on after work that was going on between My 3 Sons. While my life can resemble a sitcom at times, I don't think that old show would have been able to broadcast the conversation. At some point, I tried to remind them that I was MOM and not another teenager. I won't go into detail---it would REALLY embarrass them, but suffice it to say, the FCC would have had a heart attack. (although personally, I found it hysterically funny but totally inappropriate--there were things I should have set them straight on, but that would have been just wrong).

So on to life's next adventure...

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