Monday, May 19, 2008

DWTS -- The Final Dances

OK, it's down to the final 3 on DWTS, and all are deserving. All 3 have to dance the Cha Cha to the same song. This should be fun (hopefully it's a good song)! I am eager, though, to see the freestyle. Dance order for the Cha Cha: Cristian, Jason, Kristi.

Dancing to Lionel Richie's "Dancing on the Ceiling."

Cristian & Cheryl: fuschia outfits? bare chests (ok, that's not so bad). Entertaining. (Len's tie matches Cristian's outfit!)

Jason & Edyta: ooh, he looks stiff and that's not a good thing on this dance. He got bad marks on this one last time. Lots of tricks thrown in. She just missed a move.

Kristi & Mark: She's having a blast. This one is hers (judges agree).

Scores: C+C 26 J+E 24 K+M 30--perfection.

The Freestyle Round! Curious to see how C +C are going to do lifts with his arm out of commission.

Kristi & Mark: WOW. lots of energy. very difficult moves. Awesome. Score: 30.

Jason & Edyta: very hip hop. Fun. More bare chest. Crowd loves it. Score: 27. hmm. judges usually leave all the contestants tied so the fans can decide. not this year.

Cristian & Cheryl: love love love it. nice lifts. good job! Len didn't like the lifts. Carrie Ann didn't think it was as good as Kristi's. Score: 26.

Looks like it's Kristi's to lose. I'd like to see her win, but I'm also pulling for Cristian. (My kids want Jason)

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