Monday, May 5, 2008

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing Machine

It's Monday, and that means it's time for DWTS. I'm going to try to follow along with the show tonight--they are down to the final 5 (with a nod to Befrazzled, who follows AI so I don't have to). This could get long, so I'll apologize in advance. Two dances from each contestant.
  • Kristi and Mark doing the quick step. The footwork looks a little slow, actually. Cheesy lift. Len loves it though, and Bruno agrees which is a rarity. Carrie Ann isn't as thrilled. score: 29

on a side note, I just looked out my window and my least favorite rodent, the woodchuck / groundhog that lives under my deck was out on the dirt hills in the vacant lot next door. Think Carl in Caddyshack and the great gopher hunt. I'm about there!

  • Mario and Karina doing the Viennese Waltz. He needs to be stiff. Footwork is a bit off, but what do I know. Nice lift. Judges liked it. All of them. Score: 27
  • Marissa and Tony doing the Fox Trot. She's trying too hard--too much walking, not gliding. Great lift. Not as good as last week. Bruno agrees with me about the gliding but didn't like the lift. Score: 25
  • Jason and Edyta doing the Tango. Wow. I think they did multiple lifts though. Her kicks looked like lifts. ooh Len and Bruno are getting into it. Score: 29
  • Christian and Cheryl doing the Tango. to Michael Jackson?? Too much walking again. Nice lift ! Not bad. Not great but good considering his bad arm. The judges don't agree with me--they think it's brilliant. Score: 28

Round 2

  • Kristi and Mark-Samba:Cool costume! out of sync at first. Very interesting spin at the end. Carrie Ann didn't like it. Not going to score well, except with Bruno. Score 26
  • Mario and Karina-Jive: Not sure I like this. He almost dropped her on the lift. Len agrees with me. The others liked it. Mario will probably be in the bottom 2 tomorrow since his scores are on the low side and he hasn't always had viewer support. Score 26
  • Marissa and Tony-Mambo: They are having fun. Same turn Kristi did. hmm. Carrie Ann is rough again. Score: 25
  • Jason and Edyta-Samba: He can move for a big guy. WOW on the lift. Carrie Ann didn't like it. She's really mean tonight! Len didn't like it. Bruno didn't like it. The good news is that everyone is scoring low in this round. Score: 23. It really wasn't that bad.
  • Christian and Cheryl-Mambo: He needs more hip. Ok, he has more hip. dynamite lift. Very clever. a little slow in parts, but good. Score: 29.

Either Marissa or Mario is probably going to leave tomorrow. I think Marissa, although I think I'd rather see Mario.


Robin said...

I'm glad it was Mario. He seemed like I nice guy, but I just wasn't that into him. Jason and Christian!

Phyllis said...

Yum on both. Cristian has really grown on me and Jason is just smooth!