Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years

I've mentioned a few times that I've spent part of my summer planning my 30 year high school reunion. The committee got a late start on planning, so attendance was a bit sparser than we would have liked, but I think that those who attended enjoyed themselves for the most part. The reunion committee is pictured above. I think we're holding up pretty well.

We started the weekend festivities with a mixer at Sidelines. We packed the dugout early on. Some 20-somethings started filtering in around 10:00 and tried to get us to leave by playing really nasty music on the jukebox. Since most of us have kids that age and have to listen to that stuff regularly, we were generally unfazed. We actually had several "lost" classmates who heard about the gathering and made it for Friday. I still don't have addresses for a few of them, but at least we know they are still around. I did pretty well at knowing who was who. I think there were 4 that I couldn't pin, but that's a pretty high batting average considering I haven't seen many for several years.

Saturday morning was our golf outing at Giant Oak. Bright and early--had to be there by 7:30--a bit rough after Friday night. I forgot my camera, unfortunately. We had 20 people on the links. I had fun with Wes, Mark, and Kevin--3 of my favorite people. They had to send a search party out for us because the rest of the group finished about a half hour ahead of us. We'll never tell the reason we were 3 holes behind. What happens on the golf course stays on the golf course. LOL.

After a nap, it was on to Connie's Celebration for the dinner party. A couple of our kids gave up their Saturday night to help at the check in table. At one point, though, I had to point out to Matt that he was supposed to be working the table. He told me he was working the room. Hard to argue with a 14 year old, so I didn't even try.

The 3 piece band was great, although Ron and his date Paige and Tim and Debby were the only ones that consistently "cut a rug" (as my mom would say). I think we must be getting old though--at our 5 year reunion, we tapped out the alcohol by about 9:00. This time, I think there was still a significant amount of beer in the keg as Cinderella left the ball.
Much reminiscing took place. We had folks in from Florida (2), Nevada, Oklahoma (2), Georgia, Minnesota, among the more regional locales. Several folks who were there were first-time reunion attendees. Some said they hadn't come in the past because high school had not been a particularly positive experience for them--they had felt a little picked upon. However, they were almost unanimously glad they had come,saying that everyone seemed different--that they had had conversations with people that wouldn't have associated with them (or vice versa) 30 years ago.

Next time, I think we'll try to go more casual. Maybe we won't wait 5 years. A "we're turning 50" party seems in order for 2010. In the meantime, I can help plan my oldest son's wedding that is on the calendar for next June.


Mick Forquer said...

What a blast from the past! I really enjoyed the reunion, seeing who has changed, some a lot and others not so much. I know I've added a few pounds to the middle of me. Even though I've been in Oklahoma since '81, I still don't say y'all. No, a cowboy hat is not part of my everyday attire. It's either jeans and a t shirt while I'm at the factory or it's scrubs when I'm doing the nursing gig. If you're ever in Oklahoma, drop me a line and I'll treat you to Eskimo Joe's!.

Mick Forquer

Phyllis said...

Mick was actually one of the four I didn't recognize. He looks so much younger than the rest of us!

I have a grade school friend who lives out in OK now as well. Seems to be becoming a gathering place

Angie Weid said...

Oh man. I'm feeling the pressure, "solutions and words of wisdom." I've been meaning to change my blog look, can I incorporated that thought?

Phyllis said...

Well, that's what I get when I read your blog, so go for it!